Epigenesys offers consulting contracts and development of turnkey projects in several areas, including:

Real-time systems

  • Design, analysis and validation of customized real-time systems
  • Development of customized kernel and execution environments
  • Certification process support

Embedded systems

  • Microcontroller programming
  • Development of customized firmware,
    kernel, and execution environments
  • Development of customized hardware using configurable hardware and programmable logic components (CPLD, FPGA)

High Performance Computing and Parallel Computing

  • Configuration, optimization, and maintenance of computer clusters
  • Development of high performance asymmetric computing systems using GPUs (CUDA, OpenCL), and FPGA
  • Software development for parallel computing


  • Peripheral drivers
  • Porting to new platforms
  • Backporting
  • Customized kernels
  • Tools for building customized distributions
  • Distributions for computer clusters and embedded systems
  • Tuning
  • Debugging

High availability systems

  • Design and development of high availability systems
  • Risk/cost analysis and optimization
  • RAID systems and SAN architectures

Reverse code engineering

  • Executable programs analysis for Linux and MS Windows
  • Disassembling and debugging
  • Vulnerability analysis