Epigenesys offers a wide variety of specialized courses in the area of system engeneering. The lectures are always updated to the state of the art and taught by highly experienced professionals from both academic and industrial research settings.

The training process is designed for companies and professionals. Classes can be taught at beginner, intermediate, and advanced level.

Epigenesys always guarantees an optimal balance between theory and practice, alternating theoretical concepts and practical exercises. In this way each student can immediately test their understanding and when necessary clarify with the teacher any more complicated aspect.

In order to provide the best learning experience, the number of students per class is usually comprised between 5 and 10 and the classes are taught in a friendly atmosphere.

The areas covered in our courses are listed here.

Courses on demand

Our teachers are always willing to organize courses on demand, designing the program according to the special needs of our clients.

Such courses can be taught either at our main office or in another location selected by the client.

To obtain more information, please write us using our contact form. You will we answered back shortly.

Open courses

Epigenesys periodically organizes open courses, taught in our main office. Course program, schedule, and maximum number of students are established beforehand. Upcoming courses are published here.


Areas covered in our courses

Epigenesys offers courses in the following areas:

  • [+] Unix/Linux system administration
  • [+] The Linux kernel
  • [+] Programming languages (beginner, intermediate, and advanced level)
  • [+] Parallel and distributed programming
  • [+] Embedded and real-time systems
  • [-]  GPU programming using CUDA (basic, intermediate, and advanced level)
  • [-]  Reverse code engineering (basic, intermediate, and advanced level)